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Dr. Karla Christo has been an invaluable partner on my weight loss journey. Since we started working together in April 2022, I’ve shed an incredible 60 pounds. Her unwavering support and guidance have made a significant impact. It hasn’t been an easy road, but Dr. Christos consistently emphasized that slow and steady wins the race, a philosophy reflected in the transformative progress evident in the pictures above. I am profoundly grateful for her belief in me and her expert assistance. I eagerly anticipate what achievements await in this upcoming April, and I couldn’t have asked for a better ally in my pursuit of a healthier, happier life. Thank you, Dr. Christo!!

S. Dickey

VidaMA is a beautiful spa with wonderful professionals and I felt very well cared for. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything in detail. This was my first time at a medical spa but I look forward to adding VidaMD to my regular care routine. My face felt so good and was noticeably brighter after my hydrafacial. I purchased products to use at home and I am very pleased. A visit to VidaMA is a MUST!


I recently experienced the “Bright and Tight” treatment at VidaMD Wellness and Aesthetics, featuring IPL and microneedling. The professional and welcoming staff made me feel comfortable from the start. The procedure was quick and virtually painless, and I’m already seeing positive changes in my skin’s texture and radiance. I highly recommend VidaMD Wellness and Aesthetics for those seeking skin improvement.

Ivete D.

It has now been two weeks since my hydra facial and I am very pleased with the results. The procedure was about 50 minutes and very relaxing. When I left my skin felt glowing and refreshed, even now I am enjoying the benefits of my treatment. I would highly recommend the doctors and all the trained staff at VidaMD spa.

Brenda N.

My journey has been awesome started off from 230 lbs, 220 lbs ,209 lbs and currently in 200 lbs couldn’t be any happier with the Medications given Top and Lom my goal is 180 and I can see it being possible with this medication no bad side effects Great weight loss combination pills. One hundred percent recommended to anyone in need or wanting to loose weight!

Shakira T.
5/5 rating on Google
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