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Indications for Use

The Rohrer BodySculp is a 1060nm diode laser lipolysis system intended for non-invasive focal fat reduction optimally on individuals with a Body Mass Index of 30 or less and at least 1 inch of “pinchable fat in the treatment area.


• Treatment should only be applied to intact, healthy skin, with no evidence of compromised wound healing.
• Open lesions and wounds
• Unrepaired abdominal hernia (if treating the abdomen).
• Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
• Prior treatment with parental gold therapy.


• History of immunodeficiency disorders, including HIV/AIDS, or use of immunosuppressive medications.
• Tattoos in the treatment area (do not treat over tattoos).
• Coagulation disorder.
• History of keloid formations.
• Skin photosensitivity disorders, or currently taking photo-sensitive medications.
• Recent tan, sun burn in the treatment area.
• Previous procedure in the treatment area that may have resulted in decreased sensation, neuropathy or impaired skin sensation
• History or evidence of squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma in the treatment area

Price List

Procedure Price Duration
Body Sculp $650 30 min.

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